The Designer


Paolo Lillus, born in Sardinia in 1944, was given a real leather football on his eighth birthday by his father. The ball was his pride and joy – and he loved kicking it about with his friends beneath the blazing Sardinian sun. One sad day, the ball went fl at. But Paulo would not throw it away. He carefully put it away in a chest – it had too many good memories associated with it. In 1966, when Paolo had become a trained cutter and master upholsterer, he came across the ball again. Immediately, the pictures of his youth came fl ooding back to him, together with an idea: the stitched ball looked like a comfortable, round armchair. »When I have time«, he thought, »I will create a football armchair that looks like my beloved ball«. He made a few design sketches and made a fi rm decision .... but unfortunately they stayed on the drawing board, because Paolo Lillus was a man who was very much in demand in the fashion world, producing sample collections for famous designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Jil Sander and Escada. At the end of 2005, by which time Paolo Lillus was retired, his son Daniel and daughter Katia discovered the old sketches. Both were inspired by his idea and saw an opportunity for marketing it during the 2006 World Cup. Under the name VIPseating, the football armchairs were used for the fi rst time at the presentation of the World Cup in Zurich. In 2015 lento objekt redesigned the lounge-collection and gave it an allover facelift. Lillus today stands for perfection in detail – and for a new generation of armchairs combining timeless design with a passion for sports.